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I signed up for a account and created a blog as millions of people do every day. It was on weight loss and I placed information, photos and a link to a website that sells a natural weight loss program.

I had no problems other than trying to arranged things in a nice looking order. That is a problem with but I managed. The blog had been on the web for a week. Then I thought it would look better if I placed a decorative banner in the post and an attractive header photo, as many people do.

Next thing I notice is my blog being removed and a warning. So, being new to I removed the banner since I figured that was the problem. Though, I don't know why since I see banners on blogs and everything else. However, I was using the free account.

Anyway, I then sent a reply to the suspension as required to resolve the problem. I did not get a quick reply. The only reply I got in the 2 weeks was someone telling me that the banner was in violation of the Terms of Service. Well, I had removed it but they did not care.

I sent many emails but was ignored. No one would help me or resolve the situation. On top if that, i was shut out of my own post material. I could not even look at it in my account or view anything at all.

They kept me from my own post material and i could not copy it to use somewhere else. They just said that they would move it to a host using codes. Well, I was not going to pay for a host or I would have done that to begin with. has partnered with hosting companies to make more money.

No surprise there and they also place ads in blogs to get money as well. I was not a paying member and they were making no money off of me. Shutting someone out, keeping them from their material and ignoring emails is bad business. They act like they are government run, which i don't doubt.

I have heard and read other complaints. I went to another blog site and re-created my blog with no problems. I even used the banner in my new blog on another website and there was no problem.

is the problem. They seem very controlling and could care less unless they are making money.

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